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ACCA topper Zara expresses disappointment over comparison with Dana Neer


Zara Naeem, who topped the ACCA, has expressed frustration over being compared to ‘Party Girl’ Dana Neer.

Zara Naeem

In the ACCA exam, Pakistani Zara Naeem topped the world record and made a name for herself. Remained In this video, Dana Neer with her friends makes a video with a unique shaking tone that later became very popular.

Dana Neer

After Zara Naeem and Dana Neer became famous at the same time, photos of the two were often shared together and the two were being compared. But Zara did not like this and has expressed disappointment.

“To be honest, I was very disappointed to hear this, because there was a hand in Dananir’s virality that people were comparing the two of us, which I think is wrong,” Zara said in an interview. Hopefully they got it wrong too.

Dana Neer

Zara also said that comparisons are made on the same task but we both had different tasks so we cannot be compared. It was tantamount to discouraging someone. I face criticism even if it is on the positive side.

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