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Actors Who Should Have Biopics

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The rumor mills are abuzz with news that director Rajkumar Hirani is working on Sanjay Dutt’s biopic next and has roped in superstar Ranbir Kapoor to play the title role. With Rajkumar Hirani at the helm of affairs here the film will reportedly try to depict the rather inspiring story of the actor. But the idea of making biopics on the lives of inspiring actors does seem to be a novel one and is something that we would definitely like to see more of. So here’s our wish list of the actors we would want to see biopics made on.

Salman Khan: If there is any one actor who deserves a biopic made on his life it has to be superstar Salman Khan. The Dabangg star that has a macho persona yet a heart of gold has an enviable career chart and a rather colorful personal life. Considered as one of the hottest bachelors of the country Salman has seen many ups and downs in his journey to stardom. It will indeed be interesting to see a movie on the actor that will highlight his childhood days early career lows his many alleged affairs the controversies and court cases and his love hate relationship with Shah Rukh Khan. And who better to star in his biopic than the man himself! Frankly we have a hard time trying to find someone else who would be able to pull off being Salman on screen.

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Shah Rukh Khan: This is one story that will inspire you to dream big. A middle class boy from Delhi who works hard to achieve his dreams and is today the biggest superstar of the country and one of the richest actors in the world. Be it his charisma or his business acumen Shah Rukh Khan is successful in whatever he does. He is one actor who has made it big irrespective of his background and non filmi connections. We salute the actor’s prowess and believe his story deserves to be shown on the silver screen. While it is difficult to match his charm we believe actors like Shahid Kapoor or Sidharth Malhotra who have confessed their love for the actor can probably do justice to his biopic. Having SRK play himself on screen would however be a treat we can only wish for!


Amitabh Bachchan: Be it his dialogue delivery or his talent be it his generosity or humility be it his ‘angry young man’ avatar or his energy Amitabh Bachchan is a legend an icon and an inspiration to all. He is the most loved actor of the country and has a huge fan following. What is also interesting is that despite an excellent start Big B also saw a slump in his career and faced several setbacks. His journey from being an executive at shipping firm Shaw & Wallace to becoming an international megastar is beyond incredible and hence we think our list of biopics would be incomplete without Big B’s. And we think his son Abhishek Bachchan can impersonate his father just fine.

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Raj Kapoor: Actor director and producer Raj Kapoor is considered as one of the most entertaining personalities of the Indian film industry. Loved by people across the globe Raj had an illustrious career and was appreciated both by film critics as well as the masses. Since he often portrayed cheerful characters despite adversities he was also called the Charlie Chaplin of Indian cinema and was intelligent enough to understand the pulse of the people. He reportedly established his own studio R.K Films at the young age of 24. The actor also had a very colorful personal life and was allegedly in a relationship with actress Nargis. However we think a biopic on Raj Kapoor would be a befitting tribute to Kapoors who have been inspiring us for decades. And who better than Ranbir Kapoor to play his role?

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Rekha: The original diva of Indian cinema, Rekha is an enigma, a mystery and one of the most gorgeous faces of Indian cinema. Though there have been media reports suggesting that a biopic would be made on Rekha, a confirmation is still awaited. An India Today report dated May 2011 says that the biopic on Rekha would see Rani Mukerji or Bipasha Basu as the iconic actress and would be directed by newbie Kapil Sharma, who wrote the script forDunno Y… Na Jaane Kyon, and would be tentatively titled Sitaare. Well, we surely are waiting for this movie.


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