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Actress Firdous Begum passed away


Firdous Begum, the well-known actress of ‘Heer Ranjha’, has passed away at the age of 73.

Firdous Begum

Firdous Begum was admitted to a private hospital in Lahore three days ago after being diagnosed with a brain haemorrhage.

Firdous Begum

Now family sources say that Firdous Begum has passed away.

Firdous Begum

Firdous, the ‘Heer’ of Pakistan Showbiz Industry, was born on August 4, 1947, in Lahore. Her real name was Parveen.

Actress Firdous got married twice, first to actor Akmal and second to actor Ijaz Durrani.

Ejaz Durrani

She started her artistic career as a classical dancer in 1963 with the film Fanoos.

Parveen, popularly known as Firdous in the Film Industry, won the hearts of fans and cinema screens due to her acting and performances.

Ferdous Begum

Firdous’s dialogues, which show the essence of acting in more than 150 films. Including Malangi, Heer Ranjha and Insaniat, go deep in the hearts of the people. The songs of his films still resonate in the ears.

Ferdous Begum

Actress Firdous has acted in about 160 films, including more than 130 Punjabi, 20 Urdu and 3 Pashto films.

Firdous won the Nigar Award for Best Actress in the film ‘Heer Ranjha’. Actress Firdous was also awarded for her outstanding performance in the film ‘Anso’ and ‘Zadi’.

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