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Sangeeta, a renowned and senior actress and filmmaker of Pakistan. She says that Pakistani actresses are leaving their culture and adopting western style.

Sangeeta, a renowned and senior actress and filmmaker from Pakistan showbiz industry. She criticized the dress of Pakistani actresses in her recent interview, saying that our actresses are leaving their culture and adopting Hollywood culture.

During the interview, Sangita was asked, ‘Is it necessary to dress inappropriate to be a good actress?’

In response to this question, Sangeeta said, ‘To be a good actress, the most important thing is your acting; you just have to focus on your acting.’

Here the Full Interview:

The actress and filmmaker said, “In our time when we worked in films, we used to have a woman who designed our costume according to the character but now it does not happen, in the character of the present day clothes. Are not

He said, “When I see young actors at an awards show, I feel weird.”

“Looking at today’s actors, I wonder why you are copying Hollywood, you adopt your culture, Pakistani style,” he said.

“If you are wearing pajamas, shalwar kameez, long frock and big dupatta, look how beautiful you will look,” Sangita told Pakistani actresses.

Addressing the actors, he said, “Instead of wearing Pakistani-style dresses, you come across small and inappropriate maxis that I don’t like at all.”

He added, ‘You are leaving your culture and embracing the culture of others.’

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