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Actresses sharing special Bond with their Fathers.


Our Pakistani actresses therefore also are the daughters of some father. They had share the strong and special bond with their fathers.

A father is therefore the first hero of her daughter. He is the first man on the earth. Who never break the trust of his daughter. Always guide them to the right path. Serves them through thick and thin. Never leaves her daughter. He is a support system. God has made a very strong bond of relationship between a father and a daughter. He is the only one in the entire world who never want anything bad for you. Always advice you that things which will advantage you further in your future.

Aiman and Minal:

Both of the twins sister are the most talented and well known actresses of the showbiz industry. Therefore they need no introduction. Aiman and Minal confessed that they love their father a lot. He is a support system for both the sisters.

Ayeza Khan:

She is also a well known actress. You people knows her with her name how much super talented she is. Ayeza also confess that whatever she is today the reason behind her success is her father. Belonging to a non-artistic family her father supported her a lot to work in this industry. 

Hira Mani:

She is one of the recent entrants of Pakistan Showbiz Industry who is actually the better half of our all-time favourite star Mani. Hira stepped into the field of acting and with a mild start, she proved herself as a brilliant actress with each of her projects. Hira therefore confess that her father always stand by her side no matter what.

Mawra Hocane:

She is a very talented, hard working and beautiful girl. Sister of famous actress Urwa. Both actresses are famous and very well known. Audience get attached to her emotionally. When she cries audience cry along with her. She is so real with her performance. Therefore she is a dreamer. A top talented actress of Pakistani media industry. And also a lawyer who has a support of her father every time and everywhere in life.

Mira Sethi:

Mira Sethi a Pakistani model, actress and writer. Who is the daughter of the journalist Najam Sethi. Therefore who himself is a pride for his daughter. 

Momal Sheikh:

Momal Sheikh, daughter of a famous actor Javed Sheikh. She is among those actresses who gained fame in just no time. And became a wall of support for his daughter.

Nadia Khan:

Nadia Khan is a famous actress and host of our industry. She shared a picture with her father calling him her lifeline.

Sajal Aly:

Sajal Ali is one of the most successful actresses of the Pakistani drama industry. Even though Sajal Ali join the entertainment industry at a young age. But she never focus on glamorous roles. She has work with some of the biggest names of the industry. Now, she herself is the kind of star the name of whom literally sell dramas. She does not only get appreciation from the masses but has also won critical acclaim repeatedly. Sajal Ali who got a lot of fame in a very early age because of her hard work and support of her father. 

Nida Yasir:

Nida Yasir is a well known morning show host best known for Good Morning Pakistan on ARY Digital. She belongs to a family of artists in Karachi and daughter of a well known director Kazim Pasha. Nida Yasir’s father said that he gave platform to his daughter Nida, but Nida was talented. So she flourish in this field.

Sarah Khan:

A beautiful Pakistani actress. Who get fame in the showbiz industry in no time. Actress Sarah Khan confessed that her father is the best person in her life.

Zara Noor Abbas:

Zara Noor Abbas is a stunning Pakistani actress and a model who has marked her name in the industry in a short time. She is the daughter of Asma Abbas and the niece of Bushra Ansari who got married to actor Asad Siddiqui. Father of Zara Noor Abbas was a strict father. But always supported his daughter in her good and bad times.

Sanam Jung:

Sanam Jung is a stunning and successful Pakistani television actress, Host, model, and also Vj. Who start her showbiz career in 2010. And has earned a vast consideration and popularity. She is one of the incredible hosts who is often seen hosting Award nights. Therefore she is married to a pilot Qassam Jaffri. Sanam Jung said that her father gave whole support to her sisters. Now Sanam is a established actress. Where as her younger sister Anum is working at international firm and her youngest sister is fashion designer. 

Naimal Khawar:

The big name of Entertainment industry. Naimal Khawar a well known actress and artist. She is wife of Hamza Ali Abbasi. She shares a strong bond with her father. 

Iman Ali:

Iman Ali is a stunning and established Pakistani model. And also actress who is the part of the Showbiz industry since the 1990s. She can mesmerize anyone with her attractive looks and astounding acting skills. Iman is a daughter of legendary actors Abid Ali and Humaira Ali. But lately Iman lost his father.

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