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Admiring Latest pictures of Sara and Falak Shabbir.


Sara Khan and Falak Shabbir:

Sara Khan and Falak Shabbir the most admiring couple. The top couple is enjoying their married life.

Sara Khan is an amazing actress and model. She is so innocent and the admiring actress. Sara mind of vision is really nice. She is among the those famous stars. Who has gain the fame in just no time. Therefore Sara is a talented actress. Through her acting skills she has won the heart of million of her fans and followers. She did many leading roles in many drama serials. And for her great acting she receive numerous awards. Now a days she can seen doing acting for her upcoming drama soon.

Where as Falak Shabbir is the famous singer, composer and also song writer. He has such a soulful voice. Through his singing he also won million hearts. Falak gets fame and popularity in just no time. The great singer and a perfect actress. Therefore made a great couple.

Recently Sara Khan and Falak Shabbir gets married. They had such a great wedding. Both were dressed in traditional attire. The dressing technique was super awesome. The marriage they had was nothing less than a pretty dream. Therefore their marriage was a surprise for their fans and followers. Because as such there were no news arrived related to their relation. The sudden and surprising marriage impress their fans and followers much.

Latest Pictures of Falak and Sara:

The newlyweds couple were on their outing. Fully enjoying their married life. With no tension or stress. In the latest pictures they both are looking pretty awesome. A perfect couple makes marriage full of entertainment. In the picture we can clearly see their love and how much happy they are. As love has no boundaries. This line suits perfectly in all these pictures.

Have a look to the admiring couple:

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