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After Hit-and-Run: Another case filed against Salman Khan

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MUMBAI – The producer of the movie ‘Veer’, Vijay Gillani, has filed the case of compensation of 250 crore against Salman Khan.

According to Vijay Gillani, he has been forced to go for court hearing on personal basis due to Salman Khan, and for that reason his business life has been suffering a lot.

Vijay Gillani said that, “Salman Khan offered me to produce this movie, which was accepted by me”.

“I gave 10 crore to Salman Khan for acting in this movie, however, he used to take only 7-8 crore at that time”, he added.

Both producer and actor agreed on the terms that if movie becomes block buster, then first fifteen crore would be given to Salman Khan.

Unfortunately, the movie flopped big way followed by the notice issued by Salman to the producer of Veer movie.

After receiving the notice, Vijay took the matter to the association of Cinema and TV actors, which decided the matter in the favor of Vijay Gillani.

Vijay claimed that Court has also given the verdict in his favor.

However, talking to media Vijay said that, “Salman is bullying me, and ruining both my time and capital after setting me go for court hearings every other day, that’s why I filed the case against him”.

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