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After One Month Run ‘The Brink’ Gets Second Season

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LOS ANGELES July 23 — The Jack Black and Tim Robbins comedy which takes a ironic look at US foreign affairs is up for a second season after Sunday’s episode won greater audience favor.

Black plays a low ranking diplomatic officer stationed in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad Robbins the US Embassy network’s ultimate authority as the current Secretary of State.


They are joined by Pablo Schreiber of “Orange Is the New Black” a pilot in the US Navy who has a clever sideline as his aircraft carrier’s drug dealer in residence.

But the corrupt trio find that they’re in the same boat so to speak when the threat of nuclear war emerge and their fates become entangled whether they like it or not.

Backed by super producer Jerry Weintraub who passed away on July 6 the series was created by Roberto Benabib, a writer and executive producer on “Weeds” alongside his novelist brother Kim.

Early critical response to “The Brink” was lukewarm but it still has significant star power thanks to canny casting and a slow start in setting the scene has given way to a tighter middle for Season 1.

In terms of network programming it fills the power vacuum left by Emmy winner “Veep” created by political satirist Armando Iannucci though that too has a new season ordered by HBO and for its ‘live’ US audience, “The Brink” airs directly after the second season episodes of wildly popular series “True Detective.”

Just like “True Detective” fans of “The Brink” can expect a shakeup to the second season’s wider setting after the US Embassy in Islamabad sorts itself out though without the wholesale changes to its cast roster that the former is now known for.

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