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Agha apologized for remarks on Pashtun Language.


KARACHI: Actor Agha Ali has apologize for a five-year-old video commenting on the Pashto language.

For the past few days, a video has going viral on social media. In which Faisal Qureshi, Agha Ali and Neelam Munir are seen. In the video, Agha Ali talking about Neelam Munir is saying while we are sitting during the shoot. Suddenly a call comes to Neelam after which suddenly someone starts talking in Pashto.

All the participants, including the host, started laughing at Agha Ali’s talk. After which Agha continued, saying that after listening to Pashto, when you look around you. The actress who makes you feel positive She is speaking in Pashto.

After the video went viral, Agha Ali was then criticize by some users. The actor apologize in his tweet, saying that the first thing is that if anyone is offended by watching this five-year-old video clip. I’m sorry. The other thing is that the Pathan who was making this joke was laughing out loud. Because he knew what I was talking about but I still apologize.

Agha Ali in his second tweet said: ” I have said in many shows that Pathan is the hardest working nation of Pakistan. But unfortunately people do not make my words like this viral. Well, I have voted for a Pathan Prime Minister. Because I think Pathans are so capable”.

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