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Agha Ali Clarify his Statement on Body Shaming.


Newlyweds couple Agha Ali and Hina Altaf were invited as guest in Nida Yasir show. “Good Morning Pakistan”.

Here are the cute pictures from the set:

While they were indulged in a cute conversation. Agha Ali light heartedly reveal, before marriage he asked Hina not to get fat. That’s the only promise he took from Hina Altaf. Before marriage that she will never gain weight.

After this statement of Agha Ali went viral. People stated slamming him for being indulged in body shaming.

Agha Ali took Instagram to clarify his stance. He said: ” I asked my wife not to gain unnecessary weight… She is an actress and needs to look fit as no producer or director or writer would like to have an over weight heroine… Also.. she was chubby before and has worked really hard to keep fit.. I myself had a weight loss journey and when in was over weight I had nothing but negligence from the society.. ”

Agha Ali also invited everyone on a live video chat tonight so he can talk more about it. Agha Ali also shared a few screen shots of the messages he received in his inbox in which people are showing support towards his statement.

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