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‘Agha Ali is available without a beard’


Leading Pakistani singer and actor Agha Ali shaved his beard after marrying Hina Altaf.

Agha posted a video on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram in which the actor has neither a beard nor a moustache on his face.

Posting the video, Agha said, “I haven’t shaved for the last three years and now it looks a little weird to shave after marriage.”

“Now your Agha Ali is available without a beard,” Agha Ali also joked.

Earlier, Agha shared a photo collage of himself on Instagram in which one of the actors had a long beard while the other had a short beard.

Sharing the photo collage, Agha Ali also addressed his wife Hina Altaf and wrote, “Now be happy.”

This caption of the actor shows that he shaved his beard at the request of his wife.

It should also be noted that Agha and Hina Altaf were married on Friday, May 22, 2020, in the presence of some loved ones.

Agha Ali and Hina Altaf, the new couple of Pakistan Showbiz Industry, had announced the good news of marriage to the fans through the Instagram post.

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