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Agha Ali reveals one of the Hina Altaf’s Habit that irritates him the most.


Newlyweds couple Hina Altaf and Agha Ali tied in the knot a few months ago. Agha Ali told about how he met Hina and his marriage proposal in the recent interview.

In an interview he talked about one of the Hina Altaf’s habit that irritates him the most. Agha said that: “Hina lost her glasses if 10 times in a day and if she finds me at that time i had to find her glasses 10 times”.

Agha told this is the habit which irritates me. Although Hina also agreed that she forgets about things.

Earlier in the year, the celebrity tied in the knot by the simple wedding ceremony in the lockdown due to the corona virus. There are no rumors about their dating or anything related to their personal lives.

Like other celebrities, who show-off about their marriage proposal. But this couple decided to keep their private life away from public eyes. In a recent interview, Agha told how he proposed Hina.

Agha said: “This is not a proposal as I didn’t bow down on her knees and asked her for marriage. I just asked about her views of getting married and settling down”

In addition he said : “After that I went to my mother and told her everything, she contacted Hina. I then asked Hina if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me”. Hina agreed and this is how this marriage took place.

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