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Agha Ali views about Esra Biljic becoming the brand ambassador


Leading actor of Pakistan TV industry Agha Ali says that actors always like to work internationally.

Agha Ali shared an Instagram story in response to artists criticizing Isra Biljic for being a brand ambassador for a Pakistani company.

“An actor always likes to work internationally and when an actor is offered a project from another country. It is a proud moment for him,” he wrote.

Agha Ali said, “Similarly when a Pakistani company makes an international star a brand ambassador. The artists here start feeling insecure as if foreign stars have come to rob them of their projects and work.”

In his detailed message, Agha Ali wrote, “You will get neither more nor less than what Allah has written in your destiny. So, welcome artists from other countries to Pakistan. Do not make your people feel insecure.” Come on, come on, be happy and work hard.

Agha Ali

He wrote that when Fawad and Mahra returned home from India after leaving their work unfinished, we felt very bad. Similarly, if Turkish actors or actors from any other country leave, the people there will definitely feel bad. And the respect that Pakistani actors are given in Turkey will also decrease.

Agha said that please welcome foreign actors to Pakistan and give them love and respect like their country.

He wrote that Pakistan’s honor is also in it, the rest is what you think is right.

It should be noted that Pakistani actors were expressing reservations over the appointment of Isra Belgium as the brand ambassador of the Pakistani brand.

Comedian-actor Yasir Hussain raised his voice against the foreign brand ambassador in which actress Aiman Khan and actress Manal Khan also spoke in support.

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