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Ahad and Sajal summoned the British Deputy High Commissioner to the wedding


Leading Pakistani showbiz industry duo Ahad and Sajal Ali have invited British Deputy High Commissioner Mike Natha Darnacs to their wedding in Pakistan.

Photographs of Sajjal and Ahad were shared by British Deputy High Commissioner Mike Netha Darnacs on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

However He wrote in his tweet that he was very happy to meet the couple.

The British Deputy High Commissioner wrote that Ahad and Sajal have been married on TV screens several times but are now actually getting married.

He also expressed his best wishes to both of them.

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In reply, Ahad Raza Mir also thanked the British Deputy High Commissioner.

It should be noted that Ahad and Sajal also have kept their wedding date secret, and in the past, a photo of their drummer has been circulating on social media.

From the aforementioned photo, fans of Ahad and Sajal were speculating that the two would soon be in a relationship.

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