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Ahad & Sajal Married, Greetings from fellow artists


Abu Dhabi : The beautiful duo of drama serial “yaqeen Ka Safar”. Ahad & Sajjal are united in real life with new congratulations from fellow artists and fans.

The wedding ceremony of Ahad and Sajal took place on the beautiful Zia Nurai island of Abu Dhabi. Where both family and relatives attended.

Ahad & Sajal wedding photos and videos are going viral on social media. Sajal Ali looks gorgeous in a red wedding dress. While Ahad Raza Mir also looks less than a prince in a cream-colored sherwani.

Ahad and Sajal wedding photos and videos are being shared on social media. While a video of the marriage is going viral. In which the spouse mistakenly says Ahmad Raza Mir instead of Ahad Razir and for a moment.

While fans of Ahad & Sajal are extremely happy with their wedding and wish them good wishes. Showbiz artists have also congratulated both of them on a new life. Actress Hamza Ali Abbasi congratulated the couple and said that with each passing day, your love will be stronger.

Shaista Lodhi also offered Sajjal Ali many prayers in her new life and said that. Sajjal lost his mother at a young age but today Sajjal cherished his love. I am also happy for Sajjal and I have tears in my eyes from the emotions.

Almost all the artists. For Instance: actress Mahira Khan, Zara Noor Abbas, Ayman, Manal Khan, Sara Khan, Momal Sheikh, Iqra Aziz, both greeted a lot of new life.

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