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Aurat March: Dawn newspaper humiliates me, Ahmed Ali Butt


KARACHI: Ahmad Ali Butt, who celebrated his abilities in the Pakistani showbiz industry. It presented his view on the march of the woman when Dawn came down on the newspaper.

According to the details. Social media users split into two sections on the march of the woman. The discussion of “my body is my will”. When presented, Dawn’s “Images” Web made them derogatory.

Ahmad Ali Butt wrote on social networking site Instagram that women have big rights in Islam, why do we follow this trend without blocking. In retaliation, Dawn targeted actress Ali.

Dawn ridiculed the actor and said that you should do a Google search of my body at will, how can a person who was in the movie “Youth Come Again” lecture on Islam?

Talking to ARY News, Ahmad Ali Butt said that I grew up among women, women are 100% in favor of the march and their rights but opposed the campaign to create hatred and gulf between women and men. I believe in my faith and I hold my own.

He belongs to a family whose women are always ahead of men, I have said something wrong so I can be corrected, how can you tell someone wrong before hearing the position, the slogan of freedom of expression The installer must accept all views.

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