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Ahmed Ali Butt shares comment on Isra Belgic’s tweet


Ahmed Ali Butt, a comedian in the Pakistani film and TV industry, reacted humorously to the tweet of Turkish actress Isra Beljik, imagining himself for himself.

It so happened that Isra Beljic, who played the role of Halima Sultan in the Turkish series ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’, had shared a unique message for Pakistanis.

Isra wrote in his short message that he has got his number one position in Pakistan.

No explanation was given by the actress as to who she is declaring as her number one. However, this tweet made the social media users suffer a lot and they were making different guesses.

In such a situation, Ahmed Ali Butt also took part in these comments and shared a funny message which is very much liked by the users in Pakistan.

Ahmed Ali Butt

Sharing the story on his Instagram account. Ahmed Ali Butt wrote, “I was not ready for anything like that, finally Isra found me.”

He also shared Isra’s tweet in his story so that users who are not aware of it will know.

The Pakistani fans and this tweet became a hot topic on social media, even this tweet. Has also attracted the attention of Pakistan’s artist community.

Pakistani fans commented on the actress’s tweet and guessed who is the number one in Pakistan who can be Isra’s number one.

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