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Ahmed Godil Pakistani Actor Get Nikkahfied.


Ahmed Godil is a Pakistani model, actor, host, and also former VJ. He became famous after his memes got viral on social media about his PSL 5 hosting. He became a victim of online bullying that really left him depress. Ahmed is the part of this industry and has doing hosting for a long time.

Though he is in the industry for a long time. Yet he rose to fame for all the wrong reasons. He positively receive all the criticism and didn’t respond negatively. Recently a photographer “Abdul Samad Zia” post some pictures from Ahmed Godil’s Nikkah.

This guy was troll and bash by the people. And also got love by millions and became an overnight sensation.

As stated by Abdul Samad Zia, it’s sad that people judge everyone on the basis of their appearances in spite of meeting them personally. He was there with them on their special day and this guy was actually super caring towards his bride.

Men like these are rare species, I really want to promote men who actually are caring and just don’t really care about the world. Lastly before we troll anyone just for fun, please do think that what if they are actually an amazing person from inside, Says Abdul Samad Zia.

Ahmed Godil tied the knot:

Ahmed Godil recently get nikkahfiied. The couple was dress very beautifully. They both wear matching dress of same colour. They were in traditionally outfit. Her makeup is jewelry all are perfect and to the point. Tikka and matha bindi is all are design amazingly. The couple looks beautiful. The pictures below is expressing the happiness of the newlywed couple.

God bless them both. And therefore fill their lives full of happiness and beautiful thoughts. We wish the couple best of luck for their future life.

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