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Ahsan Khan calls for enforcement of Corona Emergency in the country


Karachi: Actor & Host Ahsan Khan has called for the Corona virus emergency to be implemented nationwide due to the deadly corona virus, including in Pakistan.

Corona virus is a symbol of fear around the world, including Pakistan. Actor Ahsan Khan expressed concern on Instagram. Citing statistics of deaths and healings worldwide due to the Corona virus and said. “Except all the countries of our world have declared the Corona virus emergency. Now we also need to take some important steps.

Ahsan Khan gave some suggestions regarding corona virus to the government and said that Pakistan should close public gatherings right now. Education institutions should be closed, without a national front against Corona, it is not possible to overcome. If anyone knows if a family has come from abroad these days, ask them to get their checkup done. ” Tags used.

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It is clear that according to the World Health Organization (WHO) 118,000 coronary cases have been reported so far in 114 countries around the world. Of those, more than 4,000 have died and over 66,000 have returned to their homes after being healed.

This is why the WHO, at an emergency meeting yesterday, rated the Corona virus as a “global epidemic.”

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