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‘The real killers of Zahra Shah are her family’, Ahsan Khan


Ahsan Khan, a well-known actor of Pakistan Showbiz Industry. He has blamed his parents for the murder of Zahra Shah. A young housemaid who was killed by her owners for mistakenly blowing a pigeon in Rawalpindi.

The actor says that the real killers of the innocent eight-year-old girl. Who fell victim to brutality while feeding her family members are her family members.

In a message released on the social media site Facebook. He wrote that the killers of child labourers are the parents.

He wrote that raising children, feeding them and training them well, their protection is the job of parents.

Ahsan Khan wrote that the job of children is not to fill the stomachs of parents, poverty is not justified to make weak children the source of their bread.

“If poverty is a problem, think about it before marriage. If you are married, think before you have children,” he said.

The actor said that if parents leave their eight-year-old daughters at the mercy of others for two taka, they cannot leave them alone at home and even send them to the market alone.

 He wrote that the eight-year-old innocent who became a victim of brutality while feeding his family should first think about the beasts of this house.

Ahsan Khan called Zahra’s family her real killer.

As well as working in drama and film, Ahsan Khan also appears to be active in social service and humanitarian service.

Renowned actor Ahsan Khan is also a goodwill ambassador for the Child Protection Bureau.

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