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Ahsan Khan TikTok Video Gone Viral


Karachi: Pakistan Showbiz Industry Actor Ahsan Khan Make a TikTok video With her son. This TikTok Video Gone Viral. Her Fans Share it on social media.

Pictures and videos are shared by showbiz personalities on social media whose purpose is to interact with fans from time to time and to inform them of their work or life, which are not only entertained by fans but also by their lovable personality. They are also happy to see the new look.

Fans admire any actor or celebrity’s social media posts in such a way that sometimes that image or image goes viral and millions of people access it while watching.

We are talking about Ironman actor Ahsan Khan, who made a video on the talk talk app that went viral in the Pakistani drama and film industry.

As can be seen in the Tuk Talk video, actor Ahsan Khan is saying in the video, ‘Brother, there are many coyotes. How do you sleep at night?’ To which his son said that Kandi.

Ahsan Khan replied, ‘Son, where did this kandi come from?’

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