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Ahsan Mohsin Khan congratulates Minal Khan on Valentine’s Day


Pakistani drama industry actor Ahsan Mohsin Khan has shared a photo on social media of his close friend Minal Khan wearing a ring.

Minal Khan

Discussions about the closeness of Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Khan are common in every language these days. New photos and videos are also shared by Minal Khan with his close friend Ahsan Mohsin Ikram every day.

Minal Khan

This showbiz industry couple is also seen together in private events. Including social media, and the couple continues to openly express their love for each other.

Minal Khan

Recently, Minal Khan also attended the birthday of Ahsan Ikram’s grandmother. Many videos related to this invitation went viral on social media. Which suggests that the family of Manal Khan and Ahsan Ikram are also his friends.

Minal Khan

On the occasion of the International Day of Love celebrated yesterday. Minal Khan shared a photo with Ahsan Ikram in which both are seen in a happy mood.

Minal Khan

While a photo shared by Ahsan Mohsin Ikram. Some time ago has caused a pleasant surprise to the fans of both.

In one of the two photos shared by Ahsan Ikram. This beautiful couple is standing together while in the other photo. Minal Khan is hiding half of his face with his hand. And also saw a ring on the finger of his left hand.

After looking at these pictures, fans of both of them are eagerly asking in the comment box whether they are engaged or not.

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