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After Fahad Mustafa, Aijaz Aslam is also angry over the current situation in the country


The leading actor of Pakistan showbiz industry Aijaz Aslam has expressed his anger over the current situation in Pakistan for the last two years.

On the micro-blogging site Twitter. Aijaz Aslam also tweeted: “Petrol mafia, water mafia, electricity mafia, currency depreciation, corona crisis, sugar mafia, flour mafia, unemployment, poverty and many more.”

Aijaz Aslam wrote, “The catastrophic two years have shown all this. Let’s see what more will come next year for us.”

Earlier, a well-known actor and host Fahad Mustafa, in view of rising inflation in the country. He had asked the Prime Minister to state whether the people’s vote for him was the right decision.

He had said that when the Prime Minister was in opposition. Aijaz kept telling us that ‘this is not rocket science’. What happened to Imran Khan’s statement?

It is to be noted that the government has increased the prices of petroleum products in the country. Since then not only political leaders have been criticizing the present government. But also artists belonging to the showbiz industry have expressed their anger over the government’s decision are coming.

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