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Aijaz Aslam recalled his first play


Leading actor of Pakistan showbiz industry Aijaz Aslam shared some pictures of the first drama of his career ‘Kashkool’ on social media.

Pakistani artists are remembering their past to keep themselves busy in the ongoing lockdown due to coronavirus. In which case Pakistani actor Ijaz Aslam also shared photos of his first drama serial ‘Kashkool’. On the photo and video-sharing app Instagram. By sharing, he once again reminded his fans of his famous character.

Sharing photos of ‘Kashkool’ on Instagram. Ijaz Aslam wrote, ‘Even today people call me by the famous character’ Rusho ‘played in this drama serial.’

“Kashkool was the first drama of Seema Zaidi. Ghalib Kamal and 4 actors including me,” Ijaz Aslam wrote, recalling his time with fellow actors.

In his post, the actor also mentioned the names of other actors working in this most popular drama serial. For Instance: Shabir Jan, Shagufta Ijaz, Talat Hussain, late Rizwan Wasti and Tahira Wasti.

It may be recalled that the director of the drama ‘Kashkool’ was Nusrat Shaheen while this drama came in 1993 and ‘Kashkool’ was one of the most popular dramas of its time. Recognized by the name of

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