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Aima Baig getting insult during the concert


There has been an incident of indecency during a music concert with famous Pakistani singer Aima Baig.

During a music concert by Aima Baig at Punjab College, some obscene boys insulted her. In the viral video of Aima Baig’s concert. It can be seen that some boys standing near the stage are behaving rudely towards her.

Aima Baig is stepping back and saying, “Look, if you are rude, I will leave the show and go back. It will be bad for all the good people who have come here to enjoy the concert.” ‘

It should be noted that while incidents of insulting women have become common in political rallies. Now incidents of insulting women and sometimes singers by the audience during music concerts have also become common.

Earlier, Atif Aslam, a well-known singer, had left the show after he was insulted by thugs in a music show.

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