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What’s the hardest thing about being associated with Showbiz?


Leading singer Aima Baig, who became famous from Cook Studios. She says that the most difficult task for an artist. While being associated with Showbiz is to satisfy the people of our society.

Aima posted a photo of herself on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram, along with a long caption.


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I have learnt this, within these 3/4years of my career that the most difficult thing to pull off in this industry is to satisfy our society, according to how they want us to look like or what they want us to wear, what they want us to sing or what they want us to say! Whereas i thought it is a free country, where men and women both have been given the right to follow their heart and live their own life. I started my career, with this great amazing show and team of mazaakraat! Guns in my head.. i guess i was 20/21 at that time. I was still completing my Bachelors! Now when i look back at all those times, it reminds me of how young and simple we all begin from and how ALLAH keeps blessing us with his gracious acts upon us. Still to this day, when a 13 or a 15year old kid comes up to me for a picture or an autograph… im never thinking about how i am looking in the picture or else. BUT i cant help tearing up about how ALLAH has flipped my life for me! “Maa ki Dua phir Maa ki dua he hoti ha or beshak zarur kabool hoti ha.”

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Posting the photo, Aima Baig wrote: “I have learned over the last 3 to 4 years of my career. The most difficult task for an artist. When making a career in the showbiz industry is to satisfy the people of our society.”

“People say that we artists should live according to them. We should dress as they want, we should sing as they want,” She wrote Imam Baig.

“I thought Pakistan was a free country. Where men and women have the right to live as they wish,” she said.

“I was 20 or 21 years old when I started my career and I was completing my graduation”. She wrote, recalling the beginning of his career.

Imam Baig wrote, “If I remember that time, I know how many blessings of Allah Almighty have been bestowed on me which has given me success and progress.”

“Even today, when a 13- or 15-year-old child comes to me to get an autograph or a photograph, I don’t think I’ll be good or bad,” she said.

He concluded by saying of his success, “Mother’s prayer is the mother’s prayer, and of course it is accepted.”

Earlier, Ima Beg broke her silence on copying Ariana Grande during her live session on Instagram, saying that she never wanted to be like Ariana Grande.

Aima Beg had said that only a pony and a liner could not make her Ariana Grande.

She said she likes Ariana’s voice and style, but that doesn’t mean she wants to be like him.

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