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Aiman Khan says “No competition with Mahira”

Leading actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Aiman Khan recently broke all previous records of fame on Instagram. She leaving Mahira Khan behind in the race of followers.

A statement came out from Aiman Khan. In which he said that there is no competition with Mahra, she loves Mahra very much.

Aiman Khan and Mahira Khan

Among the most followed personalities in Pakistan. Aiman had left Mahira behind. But in a few days, the number of followers of Mahira has also increased to the same number as Aiman’s followers.

It may be recalled that in the last few days. The number of followers of Aiman Khan on Instagram has increased to 5.9 million. Which is more than 5.9 million, which was 1 million more than Mahira Khan.

If you look at the number of followers of both the actresses on Instagram now, the number of followers of both is almost the same.

Actress Aiman, who has the most followers, has said in several places that she has no competition with the superstar Mahira.

Aiman Khan and Mahira Khan

World-renowned Mahira Khan was the first person to have the honor of having more than 5 million followers on Instagram in October last year.

Celebrities from the showbiz industry also use social media sites to inform their fans about their daily lives.

The popularity of showbiz stars can be gauged from their social media accounts. Which are followed by a large number of fans with each passing day and keep abreast of their daily routine.

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