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Aiman Khan Shares love for his Instagram family


The leading actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Aiman Khan has thanked her Instagram family for leading the race for fame on Instagram.

Actress Aiman ​​Khan, who surpassed Pakistan’s leading actress Mahira Khan in the race for Instagram followers, has 6.5 million followers on Instagram, a photo and video sharing app.

Aiman Khan

“I am very grateful to you for all the love and respect, honor and love you have given me for my Instagram family,” Aiman Khan wrote while posting his picture.

It should be noted that when the number of Instagram followers of Aiman ​​Khan and Mahira Khan was equal, at the same time a statement of Aiman ​​Khan came to light in which he said that he has no competition with Mahira, she loves Mahira very much.

It may be recalled that world-renowned Mahira Khan had the honor of completing more than 5 million followers on Instagram in October last year.

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