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Aishwarya’s mother injured during bodyguards scuffle with media


MUMBAI: Aishwarya Rai had a shocking experience as she stepped out of the Mumbai airport with media personnel clustering around her, thus creating a total mess.

The actress stepped out of the terminal with her daughter Aaradhya and mother Brinda Rai. As is the case with airport spotting, Ash was instantly surrounded by videographers and photographers. Cameras clicked away and questions were thrown around as Ash tried to make her way towards her car.


Things got worse when one particular videographer, in his zest to get up-close pics of Ash, got too close to the trio.

Noticing that the videographer was not even a foot away from Ash, the actress’ bodyguard swung into action. He tried to ward him off.


As a result of this, the videographer lost his balance and fell on Ash’s mother. Ash’s mother too could not balance herself and fell down – flat on her face! Blood started streaming down her mother’s face as she suffered a cut on her head.

The actress and her bodyguard helped her mother to get back on her feet.

By this time, the drama had intensified as more and more people had thronged the place to catch a quick glimpse of Aishwarya. After much drama, the actress somehow managed to get into the car with her injured mother and daughter in tow.


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