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Akcent has announced that he will spend his holidays in the Hunza Valley


Leading singer of Romanian music band ‘Akcent’ Adrian Cena has announced to spend his holidays in Pakistan’s beautiful Hunza Valley.


Singer Adrian Cena, popularly known as Accent, has given several concerts in different cities of Pakistan. He often tries to expose the positive face of Pakistan to the world on social media.


Sharing her video on social networking site Twitter, Adrian Cena wrote that I have decided to spend my holidays in Pakistan’s Hunza Valley so that I can tell the world how safe and beautiful Pakistan is.

Adrian Cena said in the video that he would be happy to meet the people of Pakistan once again. On the singer’s tweet, Pakistani fans have expressed happiness and welcomed him in their own way.

Akcent also reacted to the cancellation of the tour of Pakistan by the New Zealand and England Cricket Board citing security concerns, writing in a Facebook post that “I have been to Pakistan many times and I always felt at home here. Is.

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