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The 41st death anniversary of the great folk artist Alam Lohar


The great folk singer Alam Lohar, who enchanted the fans with his unique melodies of tongs and unparalleled voice, passed away 41 years ago.

Unique and unparalleled folk artist Alam Lohar was born on March 1, 1928, in Achh Goch. A village on the outskirts of Gujarat. He started singing at an early age.

The blacksmith ‘pliers’ became his unique identity. He used pliers to maintain the rhythm during the song. He introduced pliers as a musical instrument, this unique style became his special identity.

The words of ‘Heer Waris Shah’ took the blacksmith to new heights of fame. He sang Heer Waris Shah in more than 30 genres of music and made a record which is still ingrained in the soil of Punjab.

Alam Lohar reached new heights of fame with Jugni. His sung Jagni became so popular that many artists who came after him performed it in their own way. It was not possible with anyone else.

Jugni’s fame can also be gauged from the fact that Jugni was specially included in the Urdu and Punjabi films of the time, while Jugni was pictured on him.

Alam Lohar was dubbed the ‘Lion of Punjab’ by former President Ayub Khan. Alam also has the honour of being invited by the Queen of Great Britain to his palace on his 25th birthday due to his popularity.

Folk singer Alam Lohar passed away on July 3, 1979.

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