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Ali Azmat broke the silence on Ali Zafar’s song


Ali Azmat, the singer of the fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) official anthem. It has for the first time rallied about Ali Zafar’s new PSL anthem.

Sharing a screenshot of the ‘Tyaar Hain anthem on social networking site Instagram. Ali wrote that a song is released every year before the launch of PSL. Which aims to counter the previous song. Would not

He wrote that the lyrics of each release are intended to increase the happiness of this special event. We as a nation should appreciate and embrace it.

Reacting to the soon-to-be-released anthem by Ali Zafar. Ali Azmat said, “We welcome the release of our fellow artists in love with cricket and patriotism.”

He also wrote in his caption that. It seems that we have also forgotten the lesson of unity, focusing only on the singer who is singing the song. Finally, Ali Azmat wrote, “Pakistan is ours, Pakistan is yours. ‘

They also increased Pakistan’s livelihood in the end.

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