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Ali Gul Pir on Juda Hoy khuch is tarha


The famous social media influencer Ali Gul Pir has recreated the most controversial scene of Hum Television drama in a hilarious manner.

Fans are adoring his wry interpretation of the show. Ali Gul Pir additionally included parody with his looks most questionable piece of the scene. Where the woman uncovered that the couple share the relationship of siblings.

Fans hated the idea of the drama, they said that it is disgusting to make such stories. They said that it is Game of Thrones lite version. They also criticised writer Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar for writing yet another controversial script.

Juda Huwe Kuch is tarha
Juda huwe kuch is tarha
Juda Huwe Kuch is tarha

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