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Ali Kazmi will no longer be appearing in Ajay Devgan’s


We’ve got some bad news, guys.

Beeba Boys star, Ali Kazmi who was set to appear in the Bollywood project,Shivaay has dropped out of the project. He had been roped in to play the role of a military officer in Ajay Devgan’s directorial debut but unfortunately, scheduling issues got in the way.

Speaking to Images, Kazmi reveals, “It’s mainly due do them not filming in Canada and their schedule getting majorly delayed. I was occupied with shooting Dobara Phir Se so I couldn’t go where they were so the location and dates didn’t work out for me.”

“But more to come ahead InshaAllah. You win some, you lose some. I wish theShivaay team the best of luck!” he adds.

Fret not, we may not be seeing him on the Bollywood big screen soon but we’ll be hearing him all the way from Hollywood; Kazmi has lent his voice to the animated movie, The Breadwinner, for a character called Darya, which has been directed by the Oscar winner Nora Twomney. The movie is slated for release in 2017.

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