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Ali Zafar’s new poetry on ‘Father’s Day’


Leading singer of Pakistan music industry Ali Zafar wrote a new poem titled ‘Baap’ on the occasion of International Father’s Day and shared it with the fans.

On the social networking site Twitter, Ali Zafar shared a video titled ‘Baap Baap Hota Hai’.

In his video message, Ali Zafar said that we do not appreciate the efforts of our parents as we should appreciate, he said that this should not happen at all, we should also give full credit to the efforts of parents.

Ali also recited his written poetry on the occasion of International Father’s Day. Ali also recited this poem written by him calling ‘Father’ an important part of his life.

At the end of his 1 minute and 2-second video message, he told the fans that if your father is Hayat, go and hug him because life does not give this opportunity again and again for a long time.

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