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Ali Zafar now as a big writer


Ali Zafar, the famous Pakistani artist has established once again himself as a very talented person with reference to various fields of the showbiz industry.

He has proved that he is not only a successful and popular singer but also a good actor and writer.

Ali Zafar’s film ‘Teefa in trouble”,  has broken all previous records of successes of Pakistani films not only domestically but also internationally. The film was released on 20 July, last year.

It has proved itself a very successful film of the recent days when a general perception was prevailing that now the films have very little scope and people were noting that the beautiful and prestigious buildings of the cinema houses were being demolished and markets and shops were being constructed on their spots.

The film has given a new turn to the film industry and great satisfaction to all the segments having any kind of interest in this field i.e. financers, artists, technical staffs and so on. 

The story of the film revolves around an orphan middle class boy of Lahore whose mother raised him. Then the story contains several ups and downs. However, in short it is evident that the thing which is liked by the people is treated and means a successful one.

People or the audience in case of a film, song etc are more interested in the talent presented in it by the performer and do not have much interest in the item itself.

In case of a film, drama or any other movie, public liking, in additional to be a scale of the success, is also a proof that the story or lesson delivered by it is a natural and logical one or it does not look artificial. 

According to the figures, published in media, the film has crossed fifty crore marks in the international market.

Story of the film was written by Ali Zafar himself with the assistance the director of the film.

Ali Zafar was already a renowned figure of the showbiz due to his popular songs and other items he delivered, not only in Pakistan but also across the border i.e. in the Indian Film industry.

But this film also introduced Ali Zafar as a successful writer. Earlier the main identity of this artist was as a popular singer. 

In addition to this, the actress  Maya Ali too, has been introduced well as a big actress of the big screen.



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