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Ali Zafar Responce to Critics of PSL 5 Official Anthem


Leading singer Ali Zafar responds to those who criticize PSL Five’s official anthem.

The official anthem of Pakistan Super League (PSL Five) has been released three days ago. Featuring 4 famous Pakistani singers Arif Lohar, Asim Azhar, Ali Azmat and Haroon Rasheed. The official anthem was not liked and everyone seems to be critical of this anthem.

Ali Zafar, a leading singer, came out in support of the PSL Five song.

He addressed all the people on social networking website Twitter yesterday. Tweeting, ‘I am grateful for the love and love you have received from your people.’

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Ali Zafar wrote, “Just as you guys love me, appreciate the work and efforts of other artists, we are all a family.”

However, The singer wrote that “PSL is like that. It belongs to Pakistan and our singer is also from Pakistan.”

Ali also used his Tweet hashtags PakistanZindabad, PSL5 and Cricket.

It should be noted that singer Ali Zafar sang the official song of the first edition of PSL ‘Now playing’ in 2016, the second song of PSL’s official song ‘Now playing the game’ in 2017 while PSL The third anthem of the third edition of ‘Sing to the Heart’ was sung in 2018.

In the voice of Ali Zafar, all these PSL anthems were loved by fans and this time fans were also expecting cricket from the official song of PSL Five.

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