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Ali Zafar Revealed His Life Stories


Ali Zafar is a Pakistani singer. Songwriter and model. Actor, producer, screenwriter, and painter. Ali established his strong career in the Bollywood industry.  Ali Zafar restricts. As the perfect choice and makes the audience swoon over his skills.

Ali Zafar dispatched his life experiences. In a recent interview. He opens his first crush in school. She was the first person for whom he started singing. He sang and also recorded a whole recording album for her and also which she refused to accept later. This event left him heartbroken at a young age.

His second crush was also in college where he admires a girl but he could not express in front of her because he was an introvert. Ali is quite shy and is always deep in thoughts.

Ali Zafar always describes himself as a strong character. He is comfortable in his own body, company and surroundings. Ali says he considers all his moods with himself and turns all things in his favour.  Ali always looks forward to turning his weaknesses into his strengths.

The singer revealed so he made the best songs in his career. But because of hurt, which caused pain and feelings in his voice.

In the end, there was a charming love story of Ali and Ayesha.  He used to work as a sketch artist in the hall of a hotel and it is where he met Ayesha for the first time.

Oct 2000 this girl came to get her portraiture from Ali. At a hotel lobby where he used to sit and draw. Ali gets interested in Ayesha, and the moment he met her.

After some time Ali and Ayesha decide to introduce each other to their parents. But the impressive thing about meeting with Ayesha’s parents as they had never heard of Ali. Although of his huge fan following in Pakistan. Ayesha’s parents had a huge thing for art and music so they soon began liking Ali.

After enjoying their romantic dinner on a Saturday night in 2008. The couple was kidnap on their way back home. The couple was rescue. When their families paid a heavy payment of Rs. 2.5 million, the names of the kidnappers are still strange.

Ali and Ayesha married on July 28, 2009, in Lahore.  Ali wanted to make her his life partner due to her kindness, understanding, and empathy. She never thinks badly of anyone. Ali himself is a great human. He had set only one situation for his marriage that he would not be receiving any gifts, money, or property from in-laws.

The couple is now blessed with the cutest baby boy Azaan Zafar and an adorable daughter, Alyza. For Ali, his family is the most important thing in the world.

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