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Ali Zafar Tribute to Womens on Womens Day


Karachi: Singer Ali Zafar has paid tribute to women by organizing a poem on International Women’s Day.

The International Women’s Day being celebrated all over the world including Pakistan. The creation of God in the woman universe. However, whose concept of gentleness, love and sincerity emerges. It is also the reason for the color of the poet’s universe. International Women’s Day is also celebrated all over the world on March 8. To give women their rights and respect alongside men.

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Singer Ali Zafar has released a beautiful poem titled “Woman” for women on this occasion. However, whose words are some kind of open and bright morning you are, sometimes dim moonlight, sometimes sunny.

You are not what my status is with me. Tell me what is the status of your love? Oh woman! You are unprepared to reach you my peace, my soul is also your kingdom my heart is your slave.

In just a few hours. Ali Zafar’s video viewed by more than 45,000 people on YouTube. But his efforts have been greatly appreciated.

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