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Ali Zafar’s intense ‘Ishq’ hits Patari

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Ali Zafar has certainly curved a permanent place for himself in the glamourous albeit fickle world of cinema but music remains a vital part of his identity.

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In Audition to working in multiple films on the Indian side of the border, he has continuously lent his musical contributions to the soundtracks of several of those films. Of course those songs were tailored to completely and that is a good thing.

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While we have heard him belting out peppy tracks for Pakistan Super League in 2016 and 2017 respectively, the Ali Zafar Song that actually demands attention purely on the basic of merit emerged at this year’s edition of the Geo-Lux style Awards during a performance that featured the musician-turned actor alongside his Teefa in Trouble co-star Maya Ali.

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Titled ‘Ishq’, the song has finally hit Patari and we can honestly say that it is one of the better songs Zafar has created. Thematically it is closer to the singer-songwriter’s last studio album, Jhoom and though somewhat filmy, the romantic ballad is in complete contrast to Zafar’s other peppy releases and therefore definitely worth a listen or ten. Find it on Patari.

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