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Alia and Ranbir expected first child soon


Alia and Ranbir, the most popular Bollywood duo to be married on April 14 this year. Now, The couple are expected their first child soon.

Alia Ranbir

Alia Bhatt took to social media site Instagram to convey the big good news to her millions of fans.


The actress shared a picture of herself on her verified Instagram account. Which also features her husband Ranbir Kapoor along with her.

Alia Bhatt

The picture shows Alia Bhatt being in hospital and getting her ultrasound done.

Alia Ranbir

‘They are expected to have a baby soon,’ Alia Bhatt said in the caption of the picture.

Alia Ranbir

The actress took to Instagram just 30 minutes ago to convey the good news. Which has sparked a stream of congratulations from fans and family.

Ranbir Alia

It should be noted that ranbir and alia bhatt tied the knot in April this year at Vastuo, a residence in Bandra area of Mumbai.

Alia Ranbir

The small and limited wedding ceremony was attended by about 30 to 35 close relatives and friends from both sides alone.

Alia Ranbir

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