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Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra to star in Mohit Suri’s next?

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Singers: Meet Bros Anjjan, Gippy Grewal, Khushboo Grewal, Aman Trikha, Kaptan Laadi, Ravi Chowdhary, Sachin Gupta, Pardeep Sran Dharam Sankat Mein may not have a stellar star to boast of, but the classy actors (Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal, Annu Kapoor) it has makes it a gem in itself. So the music too must of that class quality? Hai na? Expectations are not high on this album, but it can end up being a sleeper hit with the movie’s innovative concept. So lets have a look at the song by song music review… Tu takke: Sung by Meet Bros Anjjan, Gippy Grewal and Khushboo Grewal, this song is one of the numerous item songs this album features. The song is dance-worthy no doubt, but will just that be good enough to get a place in your music player? Naaah. There is also an MBA Swag remix version of the same song. This song is nothing too great and lives solely on the dance-worthy element in the original song. May be a hit at the night clubs, but that’s the max of its lifetime. Shiv tandav: Sung by Aman Trikha, this song is one of those songs which are full of religious chants. However, the classical musical touch in this song along with the fast paced chants make it a good listen. But this song will only makes sense with the visuals and therefore shouldn’t earn a place in your playlists. Neelanand: Sung by Sachin Gupta and Ravi Chowdhary, this song seems like a parody of many Bollywood hit tracks clubbed into an item number. The song describes a religious guru aptly, but its only the high pitched vocals of Ravi, which will make you remember this song. Else I would give this song a pass. There is a remix version of the same song. This remix done on this track has made it worth a listen. The beats are good enough and that’s as far as this song is good. Else, skip-able. Allah hoo: Sung by Sachin Gupta and Ravi Chowdhary, this is a slow retrospective song. It will make you reminiscence your past and feel like if you could correct all the wrongs done in the past. However, the super-obsessive religious lyrics make this song like the Dil darbadar song from Aamir Khan’s PK. Definitely not worthy enough for a place in my music player. There is also another version of the song. Its not a remix, but has been sung by Sachin Gupta and Pradeep Sran. It isn’t anything different from the other track and, in the same way, fails to leave an impact on the listeners. Do you know baby: Sung by Gippy Grewal, this song another item song in the film. The dance-worthiness of the song is the only factor that will make this a hit. The song will be a must-use at discos and house parties but you wouldn’t want to have it on your music players while you are anywhere else.

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