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Alia Bhatt breaks silence on campaign against her new film ‘Darling’


The Bollywood superstar Alia Bhatt has spoken out on the boycott campaign against her upcoming film ‘Darling’.


There is a trend of boycotting darling film on social media in India. In which it has been argued that the film is made against men.


Those propagating the boycott trend say that darling shows men being subjected to domestic violence. So the film will not be allowed to run in any way.

Alia Bhatt

Reacting to this, Alia Bhatt said that actually we should boycott the boycott.


The actress said in her interview that nowadays breathing is also criticized, I do not regret making a mistake because a person learns from it.


Ranbir Kapoor’s wife also said that it will be very bad for me if I do something wrong and I do not worry about it.

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