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Alia Bhatt comments on ‘Kalank’ failure


Indian film actress Alia Bhatt says that always the sun does not shine but sometimes weather is also cloudy.

She was commenting on the failure of her film ‘Kalank’ released recently. The film could not show a good performance at the box office. It is being told that the film, on the first day of its release had earned rupees 21 crore and in five days its total earning could reach only Rs 66 crore.

It is important that the film’s cast includes very famous and senior starts whose only names are sufficient for the success of a film such as Sanjay Datt ,Varun Dhawan, Madhuri Dixit and Sonakshi Sinha.

Before the release of the film, its various features was highly publicized and it was being expected that it would be among the most successful films of the Indian film Industry. The film’s story consists of 1945 era.

It is also being told that producer Karan Johar’s father also planned to set the shooting camp of the film in Pakistani city Lahore but later the plan was postponed.

Now Karan Johar has carried out the plan of his father. Hence the story remained under consideration for a very long period and sufficient time was available to refine the central idea or the story in order to meet the present era requirements.

The story was also discussed among senior stars, director and other stakeholders. Another feature of the film which was publicized too much that that two senior most stars, Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Dixit would appear together on the screen after nearly twenty years.

After listening so much about the film the people were anxiously waiting for its. But it is being said that the film could not meet their expectations Alia Bhatt, while commenting on the film’s failure, has also said that we should learn from our failures, collect the pieces and look forward so that we find successes and do not face unpleasant experiences again.

It may be recalled that Alia Bhatt has performed the leading role of the girl namely ‘Roop’ in this film.The comment passed by the actress about the film’s alleged failure, is not only a beautiful metaphor of the sun shine or cloudy weather but it should be taken as a serious reality.

Failures although are looked as unhappy events but they also increase experiences and save from future losses.



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