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All this female attention makes me blush, says Fawad Khan


All eyes are on Fawad Khan, as he gears up for the release of his second Bolly flick, Kapoor & Sons.

In an interview with CNN-IBN, Fawad reflects on his fan following and its ‘consequences’ and what he will and won’t do on screen.

Here are 7 things that stood out in the interview:

1. On the oodles of female attention he receives

“It makes me blush, it gets me pink in the face. I’m grateful for it.” blushes again

2. On his wife and in-laws’ take on his heartthrob status

“In front of my wife’s father, for me to [acknowledge] that girls go crazy [after me]… “Wo baray rob walay aadmi hain, mujay unsay waisay hi darh lagta hai.” (He’s an intimidating man. I’m already quite scared of him.) So I just avoid [the topic]. He’s served in the government, so I start asking him ‘What going on in the country?’ I start talking like a complete idiot, which I am. But that’s my way of deflecting it.”

3. On choosing Kapoor & Sons

“The best way to gauge a script is that when you pick it up, you don’t put it down until it’s finished. I read the Kapoor & Sons script in a half hour, forty five minutes. Not because I skimming through it… I read it like a book. By the end, I was blown away. I picked up the phone and said, ‘This script is gold.’

I felt it was a departure from what I’ve been doing earlier. I like playing characters in the real world. I like to really experiment with costume too. But essentially I feel every [character I play] should be different in some way, the arc of the character should be different. In this case, it was massively different from what I’ve done in the past.

Plus, the subject matter… it’s a very touching story, in a very real way, not a melodramatic way.”

4. On intimate scenes

“[Intimacy on screen] is new for the Pakistani audience. People will watch [intimate scenes] at home. When you take your families [to cinemas]… it’ll be difficult to explain [to the kids], because it’s something that they haven’t been exposed to for the longest time.

Obviously, they have certain constraints. Our censorship laws are very different, and that does sort of mould the minds of the audience.”

5. On whether he’ll kiss on screen

“Not for now. I feel my core audience that has brought me to where I am is not comfortable with it.”

6. On nerve-wracking Pakistan-India cricket matches

“The 1996 match between Pakistan and India in Bangalore was the most nerve-wracking for me. I stopped watching after that. That loss for pakistan… I was about to break the television i think. I was crying, literally bawling.

My father said to my mother, “Is ki cricket ban kardo. is say sambhala nahi jata, is ko heart attack ho jaye ga.” (Don’t let him watch any more cricket. He can’t handle it. He’ll have a heart attack.) Yeah, so i was depressed.

It does get nerve wracking, but that’s the whole spirit of competition. When you wake up the next day, it’s a new day.”

7. On Sonam, Alia, Anushka

“I worked with Sonam the longest and she was also my first Bollywood co-star. I’m more buddies with her with the rest of them. [Alia and Anushka] are also terrific people, full of energy.”

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