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Brother, where are you going?


Allama Anwar Sabri was a famous poet.

Anwar Sabri, a pioneer in the liberation movement, continues to warm and inspire the drunkards of freedom from his poetry.

The title was his poetic revolution. They say that in this time Anwar used to be the life of the Sabari poets.

The big ones were Tosh’s men. The color was darker. The bearded head was just nineteen from Syed’s beard and due to this, Shabbat Shame embarrassed Dejour. The proverb was amazing. It is known that sitting thirty to thirty lions would say. Many jokes are also attributed to Anwar Sabri. You also read

Once Anwar Sabri went to Pakistan. Had to attend the Rawalpindi poetry. After the poetry, it was in my heart to travel by bus to Murree and travel around there. That is why they stood alone. An elderly lady sat on the seat with them in the bus. Anwar Sabri started talking to them for a while and asked.

Where are you going

The woman said. I’m going to Muree.

The Sabri has been silent.

The woman asked them too.

And where are you going, brother?

Allama Anwar Sabri responded with great enthusiasm. I’m going “die”!

نام رونق علی شاہ۔ علامہ ، انور تخلص۔ ۱۰؍مئی ۱۹۰۱ء کو پاک پٹن میں پیدا ہوئے۔ دیوبند، ضلع سہارن پور ان کا وطن تھا۔ جیب حسن وحشی دیوبندی سے تلمذ حاصل تھا۔ ۱۳؍اگست ۱۹۸۵ء کو دیوبند میں انتقال کرگئے۔

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