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Alyzeh Gabol Is Battling With Coronavirus.


Alyzeh Gabol the most admiring model. Who due to her talent and great skills become the talk of every person conversation. The famous model gain popularity and fame in such a short span of time. She share the health condition of herself recently. Therefore the famous model is suffering from coronavirus. And she isolated herself in the home.

More than ten days passed. She updated her health condition. Therefore Alyzeh Gabol wrote: Day 10- Not a very pleasant experience but Alhamdullilah doing alot better today with all the prayers & love I’ve been receiving.”

Taking to Twitter, Alyzeh announced the unfortunate news with her friends and followers. She wrote: “Tested positive for Covid-19 earlier today. Started with high temperature but having mild symptoms now, Alhamdullilah. I’m fine and stable. I’ve isolated myself at home, hoping for a speedy recovery InshAllah,”.

Here is her tweet:

Her colleagues and friends are sending her prayers for a speedy recovery. And wishing for her to get back to normal life. Alyzeh Gabol is pretty hopeful that she will beat the virus and said, “Hoping to beat the virus as soon as possible.”

Alyzeh Gabol shared the news of her contracting coronavirus on Twitter which all started with mild symptoms.

Many Pakistani celebrities including Yasir Nawaz, Nida Yasir, Naveed Raza, Abrar ul Haq, Noaman Sami, Alizey Shah, Rubina Ashraf and Bilal Maqsood had contracted the virus as well and they have recovered.

It should be noted that with cinema halls finally open, restaurants allowing customers to dine in and a fashion show taking place in December. It almost feels like the pandemic was just a long-summer nightmare.

But model-turned-actor Alyzeh Gabol has tested positive for Covid-19. And it seems the pandemic is about to give us a wake-up call from the dream. We are living in right now, as opposed to earlier. We should keep following the safety measures.

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