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Amal, Aiman Khan First Birthday Of Her Daughter.


Aiman and Muneeb with her daughter Amal.

About Muneeb and Aiman

Aiman Khan is one of the best known actress in showbiz industry. She is beautiful. And known for her amazing acting skills. She is an exceptional television star and worked with best stations. Aiman is the young TV actress. And made her acting debut with “Mohabbat Bhaar meh Jaye”.

She has a twin sister Minal Khan. Who is also a media personality. Aiman and Minal both are equally famous. And the best part of their personalities is that even with all this fame. She got married to the actor Muneeb Butt. And then bless with a cute baby girl name “Amal”. On the other hand Muneeb is also the part of Pakistan Showbiz. And a well-known actor. He needs nearly no introduction. They both are the top named actors in the Pakistan industry. They both has a huge fan following.

First Birthday Of Aiman and Muneeb daughter Amal:

Aiman and Muneeb the most cutest couple. And well-known with a huge fan following. They celebrates their daughter first birthday in home. With simplicity. Because as we know Muharram is going on. So in the honour and respect of this holy month. They didn’t did any celebration. The couple choose the most social networking side Instagram. Aiman uploads the beautiful pictures with her daughter. Amal is wearing simple floral dress with hairband on her head.

Have a look on these beautiful pictures:

Aiman and Muneeb with their daughter Amal

Have you seen the pictures. Have you seen the simplicity. Appreciation goes to Aiman and Muneeb who respect Muharram. Many celebrities also wish Amal on her great day. Have a look:

Here is the cute pictures and the wishes by our celebrities. We also wish her a very Happy Birthday. God bless her and fulfill her all deeds.

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