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Amanullah family refuses to allow 3 Grave


On the issue of the burial of a prominent comedian Amanullah in Lahore. The administration of the Private Housing Society refuses to allow Amanullah’s house to replace three tombs.

Amanullah, the crowned king of the world of comedy that passed away yesterday, was laid to rest in Lahore yesterday.

Prior to Amanullah’s funeral. His family had told the private housing society administration that. They wanted to build Amanullah’s shrine and needed 3 grave sites.

Amanullah’s family believed that Amanullah Khan was a great artist and that is why. He wants to make them a shrine.

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On the other hand, Private Housing Society Administration said that. If the family insist on building a shrine, take the place in the corner of the cemetery. 

The society administration had said that. If this place is not taken. Then the housing for the shrine should be taken as much as possible outside the boundaries of the society.

In this regard, Information Minister Punjab Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan arrived at the cemetery to help resolve the matter. During which time there was a clash between Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan and President Housing Society Dr Ahmed.

Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan had said that Aman-ul-Allah is the big name of Pakistan. My order is to start digging of the grave immediately.

Fayaz Chauhan had threatened the president of the society and said that. If you do not start digging the tomb, I will take action against you.

It should be noted that the dispute continued till the time of the funeral was approaching. Then the administration of the society finally agreed to replace the two tombs.

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