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A resolution to designate the road in the name of legendary actor Amanullah


LAHORE: Muslim League-N has submitted a contract to name a road legendary comedian Amanullah in Punjab.

According to an Media reports. Muslim League-N member Rahat Afza submitted a resolution in the House. However, which states that any street name should be named after the actor’s services.

However, the text of the resolution submitted to the Punjab Assembly states that. “The House regrets the death of Amanullah and acknowledges that. The vacuum created by his death cannot be filled in any way.” ‘.

Remember that the famous comedian Amanullah died yesterday at the age of 70. After prolonged illness, he also was suffering from kidney and lung disease.

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In addition to stage plays, Amanullah has shown his ability by performing brilliantly in comedy programs on TV dramas, films and news channels. During that time, Allaah also gave a hilarious talk and gave evidence of his temperament.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and other political figures, Pakistani artists and Indian comedian Kapil Sharma also expressed regret over Amanullah’s death.

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